We are building a virtual conference platform without gatekeeping. Users can receive feedback on research before it is submitted to a journal, trade ideas and find collaborators. Research finds that working in a strong research group improves scientists' productivity, and we believe that our tools will bring the same effect.

We think that the platform will improve scientific productivity by filtering most promising research projects, improving feedback speed and quality, and through better matching of researchers with ideas. You can read more about this project's motivation and algorithms in our white paper or go through the tutorial. Or just click here to browse the projects.

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This project is still developing, and we would love to see your comments and suggestions at support@hivereview.org.


  • (06-11-2023) We now have an AI review function for PDF documents. The review is designed to pick up alternative interpretations of results, missing explanations, logical inconsistencies, and some common methodological shortcomings. The function is available from the project's page if you are an author.
  • (19-04-2023) The platform has now a messaging system. You can use it to send collaboration requests to authors open to collaboration (even if they are anonymous!) and to request feedback from specific users.
  • (27-03-2023) The quality of AI critique of proposals critique just got significantly better. This function now uses GPT-4.
  • (09-02-2023) We added more experimental AI features, including checking clearness of research proposals, and listing potential design flaws. Click Ask RA button and let us know what you think!
  • (07-02-2023) Making my first presentation at the University of Arkansas Behavioral Business Research Lab seminar on Feb. 15 12 pm, JBHT 127. Looking forward to hearing comments and suggestions from the economics and business researchers working there!
  • (24-01-2023) Presenting at the University of Oklahoma Department of Economics brownbag on March 1st (details follow).